Services for Housing Associations and Providers

The Foundation offers a number of services to Housing Associations and housing providers and their residents

Resident Engagement and Involvement:


Community Based Participatory Research Training


The Foundation has worked with many housing associations including Sanctuary Housing, Sovereign Housing, the Aster Group,Westlea Housing Association ( Green Square) Guinness Hemitage,Bristol Community Housing Foundation,Alliance Homes to enable residents to feel more empowered and to get their voices heard.

We do this through our Community Researcher training which gives resdients the skills and confidence to undertake their own research and to seek solutions to issues raised by their communties through the research.


Participatory Community Evaluator Training


The Foundation has adapted the Community Researcher training to enable residents and service users to evaluate community services and to feed the results back to the housing association or service providerThis has proved to be a successful way of increaing residents and service users engagement and voice.


Bitesized Community Development Training for both staff and residents


The Foundation has recently been fortunate to work with our partners the Federation for Community Development Learning (FCDL) to deliver a wide range of Community Development  training through their Creating Changes Programme.


Courses offered have included:

  • Proving your worth to funders and policy makers
  • Participative community research
  • Sharing good practice in Community Development
  • Deliverying Community Development Training (a train the trainers course)

Courses are offered either as a day course or as programme over 6-8 weeks (Community Researchers course)


If you would like to know more about our training please do not hesiate to contact us.


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