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Please note that we do not put the application forms for the grant programs that we run on our website, simply because we like the organisations applying for funding to get in contact first. This has avoided many organisations from putting time and effeort inot drafting applications for grnats that they might not be elligible to apply for.


If you need help and guidance with developing your organisation please go to our  'Resources for Groups page'. If you are a small charitable organisation working with people most in need in communties and you need further help with developing your organisation please do contact us. If we cannot help we might know someone else who can.



The Foundation is pleased to announce that for the next five years we will be offering small grants from the Esmee Fairbain Foundation throughout the South West Region.This small grant programme is for grants up to £1,000. It is aimed at supporting small Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations working with people most in need in communties. Priority is given to organisations in rural areas, market and small coastal towns.For full crteria download the information below.

Criteria for the Esmee Fairbairn Small Grant programme.
ESF criteria programme 4.doc
Microsoft Word document [252.5 KB]
Esmée Fairbairn Small Grant Monitoring Form
Monitoring Form.doc
Microsoft Word document [90.5 KB]

South West Foundation is currently admistering two further Small Grant Programmes


Young Person's Project Fund


The Purpose of the Fund

The overall aim of the programme is to provide a small grant for a group of young people, the majority of which are aged 8-16yrs, to undertake social action in their community. The action should take the form of a small project of some sort that the young people would like to undertake to see if this would help their community, or people within their community, in some way. The model believes that young people can do wonderful things, and this small grant is to support young people to achieve their aim. Young people should decide what needs doing and what they would like to do. Examples of previous activities that young people have been involved in include gardening, sharing their culture by holding a small event, physically improving their local environment, creating a newsletter or baking cakes for neighbours.

At the end of their project the young people can decide on an activity that they themselves would like to undertake with remaining funds. This could be anything from football coaching to swimming, an outing, a chance to purchase a piece of equipment for their organisation that would improve the facilities for their group, or a chance to try something new and build their skills. Include a budget for this at the beginning of your project within the grant available.

If you have an idea that you would like to discuss with us please ring us or, if you are not sure if it would meet the criteria, please do give us a ring. The project must be run under the management and guidance of a local charitable Voluntary and Community Sector Organisation (you do not need to be a registered charity).


Maximum grant is £500 for this programme


The funding has been provided by the regional Dreamscheme Network.

Young People's Project Grant Criteria.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [197.2 KB]
Young People's Programme Monitoring Form[...]
Microsoft Word document [255.4 KB]

Development Workers' Networking Fund for existing grantees and invited applicants

Grant Fund Criteria
Criteria for Development Workers Network[...]
Microsoft Word document [46.9 KB]
Development Workers' Networking Fund Monitoring Form
Networking Fund Monitoring form.docx
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