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South West Foundation in partnership with the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation is currently running a small grant programme for grants up to £1,000 aimed at supporting small charitable organisations. Please see criteria below for more details.

Please do ring us if you would like more information. Tel: 01761 471104 or


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 South West Foundation has compiled a directory of help organisations throughout  the South West Region.The booklet includes information on organisations that help and support voluntary and community sector organisations, what help they can offer and their contact details.As soon as you publish a directory like this organisations start to change their details. If you came across details that have altered or are now incorrect please do let us know and we can amend the booklet.

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The Funding Booklet 2015 contains details on some of the funders that are active in the South West Region
This small booklet is based on research into the type of funders that the Voluntary and Community Sector are utilising and that are active in the South West Region. As with any booklet of this type the exact information may change over time but this provides a good initial insight into the active funders for smaller groups. Please note this booklet is currently being updated.
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 The Edge Fund has a page of resources for smaller groups at the link below which includes information on other funders.

The Directory of Social Change is probably the most extensive resource of information about funders but it does charge for its services; See link below:

The South West Foundation has worked with over 1,900 groups and 80 networks in the past decade, and this is what makes us unique. We foucs on the smaller Voluntray and Community Sector Organisations (VCOs).We have worked with these groups on both small and large projects in order to help them and further the amazing work that they do in communties, not just in making communities a better place, especially for those most in need, but their ability to engage with the wider community through volunteering and giving people a voice and say in their communities.

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